One of my favorite ways to write romance is through visual novels. Why not give every character their own version of a happy ending—or let them fall to the fate of poor decisions? These games have multiple paths, routes, and choices to parse through that’ll affect the outcome of each playthrough. If you’re looking for novels with a little flair, why not give one of these a try?

Novels For The Gamer

choose your own path


Crystal Moon Academy is a fantasy/romance visual novel that is currently in development!

Finch Evermoss, a poverty-stricken teenager, is granted freedom from his abusive household in the form of an invitation to attend Crystal Moon Academy: an elite high school for magic users such as himself. There is only one problem... it's an all-girls' school, and no one knows that he's a boy! To get through the year, Finch must fool his classmates and faculty into believing he is a girl, but that is easier said than done once he begins to make friends among the student body that can make or break his academic future.

Crystal Moon Academy

Royal Order is a historical fantasy Visual Novel featuring survival stats-raising elements, magic and court intrigue. 

Keep the main characters alive through the story by improving their skills. Host social events to gain different factions’ approval. You can also go on campaigns to bring the ongoing war to an end.

This game is an indirect sequel to our Visual Novel "Royal Alchemist". The story takes place in the same world, but follows a different cast. Both games can be played separately from each other.

Royal Order

Witches x Warlocks is a cute and light-hearted Halloween Raising Sim; featuring a customizable protagonist and 4 love interests of different genders!

Witches x Warlocks is available as a free version with 3 love interests (male, female, nonbinary).

The DLC will contain additional illustrations and one additional romance route.

Witches & Warlocks

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