Masterfully weaving morbid delight into every page.


Heart & Spade

Hells Gate: "where violent men live in fame", as the saying goes. Abandoned by the Crown, Hells Gate is a city ravished by famine and disease, where no price is too high to pay when it means survival. Governed by the corrupt and run by notoriously deadly gangs on every corner, Spade will adapt himself to any role if it means protecting his brother--but how far will he go before he loses himself?

is a Pittsburgh-born author with a penchant for laughter amongst the macabre. Her stories range from YA to Adult and generally include magic, myth, and murder.

In her free time, she can be found spoiling her feline children, Maple and Caramel, and streaming anime with her husband. You can follow more of her writing journey on TikTok and Instagram @pnrwrites.

Paige N. Regan (she/they)

- Ceilidh

- morgan

"I love the anthology as a whole SO MUCH! It's full of rage and grief and hope and righteous fury and sometimes you just NEED that."

"I loved the mix of prose and poetry all focused on various iterations of bodily autonomy. Possession and As Wild As Grass or a Girl were standout stories for me, well written and creative. Definitely recommend this one but please read the content warnings going on."

- Daniela

"Thought-provoking, entertaining, educating – highly recommended. This is a great collection of stories."

What Readers Are Saying

goodreads reviewer

goodreads reviewer

goodreads reviewer

heart & spade - Arc One

Within these shadowy depths, Paige is crafting an array of tales that will send shivers down your spine. Return regularly, if you dare, to witness the eerie transformation of her works as they crawl from the depths of her mind to haunt the pages before your very eyes.

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